Coast Guard, Southeastern Freight, and Crane Worldwide - Tracking the Careers

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First female chief counsel and judge advocate Rear Adm. Bert, experienced service center manager Johnson, and Stretton leading the way in business operations. 

The U.S. Coast Guard 

The chief counsel and judge advocate general for the U.S. Coast Guard has been announced - Rear Adm. Melissa Bert. The first ever woman to have this position.  


Rear Adm. Bert was recently the director of public and governmental affairs for the U.S. Coast Guard. Before that, she supported engagements between the International Maritime Organization and the U.S. She was even the captain of the southeastern Alaska port.  

The Southeastern Freight Lines 

The Southeastern Freight Lines regional LTC transportation services promoted Andy Johnson to the Fort Smith, Arkansas service center manager position.  


Johnson has over 13 years experience with Southeastern, beginning his career in Norfolk, Virginia as a pickup and deliver drive for the service center.  


Jim Jones, from the South-Carolina Southeastern Freight location, stated that Johnson was committed to providing the best quality service without question. 

The Crane Worldwide Logistics 

When talking about freight shipping service, it is important to mention the Crane Worldwide Logistics and Jason Stretton. He went back to Crane Worldwide Logistics to help Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.  


Before this position, he worked with businesses in Ireland and lead the developmental operations for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa areas).  


Keith Winters, the CEO, stated that the clients are facing difficult times and there are still challenges that lie ahead. However, they will be focusing on providing flexibility for the future and ensuring that all supply chains are robust and fully operational. Winters stated that Jason Stretton was a leader that inspired many and they were excited to have Stretton back with the Crane business.  


With a total of 120 locations, Crane Worldwide offers solutions for supply chains in 30 different countries.  

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