Freight Shipping Services

Offering shipping rates for intermodal, expedited, truckload, and LTL freight services.

Do you want to get real-time quotes for free? Do you want to place your shipment and be able to track the freight as it ships? If so, you will want to get your options and quotes from experienced, reputable contract carriers. If you use the help of our expert team, you can plan, execute, and track all of your shipments much easier. If you have any questions about the pricing or the services we offer, you can talk to one of our shipping experts at any time.

Why should you use our freight shipping services?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced shipper, at times you may come across shipping obstacles. To reduce the chances of these challenges and to have the best solutions when challenges arise, you should work with a professional, experienced freight shipping service. If you work with us, we can create individualized solutions that will work for your company. You can also get immediate access to carrier, shipping technology and great freight rates, as well.

If you would like to get started, you will just need to place the shipment details in the system and we will create the automated shipping process for you. This will include the following:

  • Creating the BOL (bill of lading)
  • Dispatch Tracking
  • And much more

You will also be able to customize all of the shipping solutions that you need. If you require specific logistics needs, we have you covered.

We know the importance of making sure your freight arrives at its intended destination correctly. You want it to arrive on-time and in perfect condition. In order to do this, the freight must be packaged properly, so it doesn’t become damaged during the freight shipping process. By making sure the packages that you send out are received properly, you can assure that the carrier will accept your freight and not charge you additional rates.

With every service offered, we will provide you with simplified packaging and shipping solutions for your business. TaskRabbit is also able to help you with any of your packaging needs including the use of pallets and crating the products.

LTL freight

LTL Freight Shipping

You can choose from many different contract carriers through our online self-service tools. You can also work one-on-one with a professional freight expert.

Truckload freight

Truckload Freight Shipping

Do you want to find a way to ship out your refrigerated flatbed, dry van freight? You can do that easily with our extensive selection of experienced contract carriers. You can also get the guidance you need from any one of our leading freight professionals.

Expedited freight

Expedited Freight Shipping

With our team, you will get real-time expedited rates. You will also get all the expedited shipment help that you need from our expert team.

Partial Truckload freight

Partial Truckload Freight

Do you need to find an option for partial truckloads that will fit your budget and needs? Do you have specific handling or transit requirements? Let us help you with that today.

Real-Time Quotes Online for All of Your Freight Shipping Needs

When you utilize our services, you will get up-to-date rates for all of your freight shipping needs. You can also choose from a number of transportation modes and contract carriers. When checking into the services, you can choose your price and the carrier that you want. From there, our expert team will handle the rest.

We make freight shipping simple and affordable. You can compare the competitive rates with various contract carriers. You can also create bill of ladings, book shipments, and track shipments - in one convenient place.