Full Truckload Shipping

We have great rates for full truckload freight shipments.

What is Truckload Shipping?

Whether you are only shipping a partial truckload or a full truckload, our team has you covered. We always deliver the best solutions and the most competitive rates for dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed freights. We have relationships all across North America that allow us to meet all of our customers truckload shipping wants and needs.

Do you want to make the best decisions for your business? If so, you can let our freight experts help you out today. We have the best patented technology when it comes to freight shipping. We have e-commerce business tools and an enterprise TMS. If you want a full truckload freight shipping company to work with, we are the best. We are available when you have any freight shipping needs that need to be met. We would be happy to work with you and make sure your freight get to its intended destination.

Benefits of Receiving Our Full Truckload Services

When you work with our team, you will receive all of the benefits that come along with our full truckload freight shipping services. These benefits include the following:

  • We have a network with over 72,000 carriers that spans all across North America
  • Our services are always reliable and consistent
  • We offer customized solutions for all of your freight truckload needs.
  • Our rates are instant and competitive (you can access our rates online)
  • We offer 24/7 online tracking and tracing

If you are looking for the best full truckload shipping services, reach out to us today.

Best Truckload Equipment

When you are shipping freight, you want to make sure the company you are shipping with is using the proper and best equipment. We use the following equipment:

  • Flatbed - Our flatbed trailers are mostly used for top or side loading requirements. We use them to ship large packages of equipment including construction materials and machinery.
  • Dry van - Our dry van trucks will generally be used to ship freight that doesn’t have specific temperature care guidelines.
  • Refrigerated - Our refrigerated trucks will be used when there are specific temperature needs for the freight.

Let us know what type of packages or freight you will be shipping and we will be sure to use the appropriate equipment.

Differences Between Full Truckload and LTL Shipping Services

LTL or less than truckload services are for those who have cargo loads that don’t fill the entire truck. The loading and delivery times will be flexible. The full truckload services are for those who have cargo that will fill the entire truck trailer. The pickup and delivery times are very important. Most of the time the full truckload services will be quicker because they are shipped directly to their destination. LTL shipments will have many stops before they get to their intended destination.

Carry Weight

The average weight for freights is between 42,000 to 44,000 pounds. The dry vans are able to carry a maximum of 45,000 pounds. If you are going to be shipping a full truckload, you should ask what the trailer can carry to be sure there are no issues.

Pallets Carried on the Trucks

Our trucks can carry a maximum of 30 standard pallets. These pallets are usually 40” x 48”. We can carry larger pallets, just not as many of them in one load. In addition, larger pallets would require additional planning to ensure everything is loaded safely.

Tracking Full Truckload Shipments

We allow you to track your full truckload shipments. The tracking system that we have is easy to use. You will just put in our bill of lading number and we will provide you with the updated tracking information.

Reach out to us today if you need full truckload shipping services.