E-Commerce Business and Internal System Tools

Our e-commerce and internal system tools allow you to add freight quoting automatically

Do you want instant quotes for your freight? You may want to put these quotes on your website so that customers have access to them or with your business applications for your team members to access. Our e-commerce and internal system tools allow you to add freight quoting automatically. You can also add shipping and tracking to applications or a website, as well. With our services, you can get shipping plugins for your freight. These are helpful for many e-commerce shopping carts. Getting the integration and widgets that you need for your internal systems or website can improve the way you do business. Our tools have helped out many businesses when it came to making their logistics processes more efficient.

Customized API Integration

We can help you to add automated quotes, booking, shipping, and tracking information to your website or internal system. We are happy to help you get the answers to any of your questions. When you receive our API, you will get reliable and fast services. You will also get competitive rates, as well.

Extensions to Shopping Carts

We have modules that businesses often use including ones for shopping carts such as Magento and 3dcart. You can quickly download the software and start using it. This software will allow you to get instant shipping rates placed on your website.

Widget for a Shipping Calculator

We also offer a free widget for a shipping calculator. This allows for immediate shipping quotes for the products that you offer to your customers. All you have to do is give us some information and we will give you the code snippet that is needed for your website. This allows your customers to access the rate information that is needed for their purchases. By having this widget, your customers will have a better shopping experience and you will have better conversion rates.

Trying it Out

Here, you can get an idea of what this widget would look like when placed on your website. You can also see how your customers will experience the widget, as well.

Note: Keep in mind that the prices you see in this widget here are just examples. The widget that you get for your company will have the exact prices.